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Is the position of your uterus causing you pelvic pain?

Maya Abdominal massage is a gentle, strategic massage over the abdomen, pelvis, low back and sacrum. It improves blood and lymph circulation, and nerve impulses to better support the function of abdominal and pelvic organs and to support proper uterine position.

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The uterus is held in the pelvis by 7 ligaments. This gives it the ability to move to accommodate menstruation, ovulation, pregnancy, and filling and emptying of the bladder and the bowels. A displaced uterus is tipped or folded forwards, backwards, or leans towards one side, causing pelvic congestion that can lead to a variety of conditions. The most common are listed below, and can all be improved with the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage.


Supporting proper uterine placement and circulation as it grows helps to treat pregnancy related complaints including discomfort, constipation, and leg swelling. It also supports a more efficient labour and birth.

Painful Periods

A displaced uterus can block proper blood and lymph flow. Lack of proper oxygen and acid build up causes uterine cramping, and a decreased ability to flush out menstrual blood. Residual blood can dry and harden, causing more pain in the following cycle when the uterus has thicker blood to get rid of while still working against acid accumulation, lack of oxygen and a displaced position. The uterus is weaker and undernourished making its job to cleanse harder and more painful.

Irregular Periods and Ovulation

A mal positioned uterus and the impeded blood, lymph and nerve flow affect hormone feedback, or the conversation, between ovaries and the brain. Because of this, hormones are not produced at the right time or overproduced at the wrong time causing ovulation and periods to be irregular.

Painful sex

When the cervix (and uterus) lies too low in the pelvis, it creates congestion in the area affecting the muscles. The decrease in circulation and nerve innervation to the vaginal walls prevents adequate lubrication causing tender vaginal tissue that is irritated by the friction of intercourse.


A displaced uterus contributes to PMS symptoms as it affects the hormonal feedback loop between the ovaries and the brain. Normally, when the brain tells the ovaries to make hormones, the ovaries respond and the brain detects the amount made in the blood. When blood flow is affected, the message back to the brain can be delayed, and so the ovaries are told to make hormones in excess, which results in many symptoms of PMS.


When the uterus is misaligned and leaning backwards, it can put pressure on the colon and rectum. This can impede circulation to the area, affecting the waves of movement in the intestines leading to constipation.

Talk to us to see if Maya abdominal massage is right for you!

Written by: Faaria Karim (USA ND, BC license pending)

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